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I've been taking geological photographs since before graduating from Colorado College in 1982, where I majored in geology. In 1987, I completed my MS in geology from the University of Washington, although they never sent me my diploma because I was late paying my library fines. By 1992, I'd paid my fines and completed my PhD, also at the University of Washington. I'm now in Eugene, Oregon, where I'm a Senior Instructor and Associate Research Professor in geology at the University of Oregon. I live with my two amazing daughters, Lindsay and Meg. I now pay fines for overdue DVD rentals.


My geological research focuses on the evolution of faulting in the Death Valley region, California. If you're interested, here are pdfs of two scientific publications. One of these is a research paper while the other is a photo essay on the geology of Death Valley. If you're still interested, please check out my research at my academic website.

I also have photos posted at Visuals Unlimited (type in "marli"). If you find any images at those places that you need for your teaching, let me know and I can send you a copy.

To reach me, please send email to marlimiller (at) earthlink (dot) net.


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