Some Links...

Geology and other sciences...'s Geology Galleries. Photos by Andrew Alden, the host of AboutGeology. Besides some great photographs,
Andrew Alden has put together a incredible site about all aspects of geology.

Earth Science World Image Bank at the American Geological Institute.
More than 6000 geological images for download.

US Geological Survey Photo Library --has the entire USGS photographic collection online.

Visuals Unlimited Science Photography Stock Agency
Searchable source for over a zillion images, available to photo researchers for a fee. If you type my first name into the search,
you can see many more of my images.

San Andreas Fault -- all sorts of geological issues.


Photography and Travel...

Close-up Expeditions
Photography expeditions to places all over the world, led by Brownsville photographer Don Lyon.


Some Eugene Area Photographers...
One of the greatest things about being a photographer, is getting to know other photographers! And because we all see things differently, we can learn from each other... Each of the following websites displays many positively wonderful images.

Jerry Gowins
--Nature and Wildlife Photographer who also runs photographic workshops.

Nancy Gowins
--Fine Art Portrait Photographer, who specializes in maternity, baby, child, and senior images.

Bob Petit
--Nature Photographer with wonderful landscapes, flowers, and all types of wildlife.

Joy Taubner
--Fine Art Portrait Photographer who specializes in maternity, baby, and children photos.


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