Some Miscellaneous Earth Science Photos


These photos don't presently link to other images, but they are at sufficiently high resolutions for Power Point.

photo, Canyonlands, Marli Miller
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Photo, Oregon Coast, Marli Miller
Oregon Coast
photo, fog, Mt. Temple, Marli Miller
Fog and Mt. Temple, Banff NP
photo, ancient shorelines, Marli Miller
Ancient Shorelines, Nevada
photo, rainbow, sand dunes, Marli Miller
Rainbow and dunes, California
photo, spring flowers, Death Valley, Marli Miller
Spring wildflowers, Death Valley
photo, Anasazi grainary, Marli Miller
Anasazi Grainary, SE Utah
photo, shattercones, Marli Miller
Shattercones --fr. meteorite impact
photo, paleosols, John Day, Marli Miller
Paleosols, John Day Fm., Oregon


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